16th March 2018 Eurotunnel Calais-UK

Today we are heading for Great Yarmouth via the Train. It is just under 50 miles and normally takes us 1.5 hours.

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15th March 2018 Le Touquet Paris Plage 2 Aire

After a good nights sleep we were off on our last journey before getting the train back to the UK. Today we are heading for La Touquet Paris Plage 2 (All the Aires France North top of page 203). We used to stay on the other aire just up the road but due to me being hospitalised after a food poisoning incident it has bad memories for Angela!

This aire we like as it is not too far from the Eurotunnel Calais, it has 100 spaces so we can pretty much guarantee a space for the night, and it has some pleasant walks from here. There have been some recent comments about faulty hook up points but as it is only for a night we do not bother.

The drive was 268 miles and took us 5.5 hours so we arrived with some daylight still left. It is only a five minute walk into town but we walked along the road bordering the sea area towards the other aire then went through a wooded section onto the beach. As we were nearing the town centre we could hear lots of engine noises and it became apparent why as we got to the promenade.There were lots of rally cars being prepared for a local rally.

On our way back to the van we walked along the road and dotted along were bays marked out for all of the competitors setting up their cars ready for the race.

As we got back to the van there were other motorhomes setting up. Some with trailers on the back with rally cars for the event. It is a shame we are leaving in the morning as it would have been nice to watch.

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14th March 2018 Bazouges-Cre Sur Loir (Le Vieux Pont)

After Breakfast and draining down we set off for our next Camping Car Park. Bazouges-Cre Sur loir is a French town located in Sarth, in the Pays de Loire region.

A shorter drive today of 282 miles. After a short break for a sandwich at a service station it20180314_114437 took us approximately five hours. As we were the only ones there on arrival we parked up at the service point to fill up with some water. While filling up we walked around to choose our pitch. The grass pitches had been cordoned off for obvious reasons and although the other pitches were gravel some had ruts in where previous occupants had sunk. Bear this in mind if you should choose to visit when it has been wet.

The aire, which is right next to the river Loir is built on the old municipal campsite and the service point looks fairly new. It has 27 motorhome pitches and has a security barrier in place. The electric is rated at 6amps.

We decided on the most firm one and after parking up and plugging into the electric we decided to go for a walk into the town centre which is only 200 meters away. We got a few provisions from a little supermarket and some cakes from the local bakery. No matter how big or small the town/village is , there is always a good bakery.

We had a bit of a wander around and then headed back to the van for our tea. Early evening we were joined by one other motorhome.

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13th March 2018 Zaragoza to Aire De Libourne (Camping Car Park).


After Breakfast and emptying the relevant containers! our planned journey is approximately 341 miles. Including stops it should take us about seven hours.

As we were nearing the Spanish/French border the weather began to change for the worse. Overcast with  a few rain showers and the occasional sunny spells. That said it was still a pleasant journey with no traffic problems.

We eventually arrived at Aire De Libourne at 4pm. Angela paid at the meter and we parked up next to another English motorhome. We had a chat about the days journeys and where we were heading. Us back to England and they were off to Spain! They then went off to explore and we had our tea and rested for the evening.

20180313_115720    20180313_155807

20180313_185406    20180314_082700

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12th March 2018 La Manga to Zaragoza

We woke up early as we had a full day of driving ahead of us. It was a beautiful morning with the sun rising and clear blue skies. Perfect driving conditions.

Our first stop on our way home is as usual Zaragoza. We know how to get there now but the first time we used this site was a bit frustrating. We passed it (a few times!) but could not find our way around the road system to get in. We were warned about this by our first Camping and Caravanning Club site managers Philip and Julia.

It is not the cleanest of sites (Possibly due to being out of season), but it is handy, has free Wi-Fi and a short stroll gets into an area where there are a few tapas bars, eateries and a supermarket if you need to stock up or want something for the evening.

From La Manga it takes us approximately 8 hours (590km/367 miles) with stops and change of driver.

20180312_121911    20180312_122010

20180312_124751     20180312_160621

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