13th December 2018 Bruges, Belgium


Our Eurotunnel trip went without a hitch as usual. We were at the port an hour and a half before our train so were able to buy our headlight deflectors from The AA Shop. We’d left it to the last minute which is not like us!

Our number was called and we drove on to the train, then within 35 minutes we were across the other side in France. For those curious about the train, it is so easy to access even with a large vehicle like ours. They sort you into cars, vans etc. then you join an orderly queue and you slowly drive onto the train. Staff pull you forward to the required position then place a chock behind one wheel. Once you’ve put your vehicle in first gear and wind your windows down, you’re done!

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Within an hour and 45 minutes (73 miles)we were at the campsite in Brugge, Belgium. The journey was very pleasant and the directions to the site were spot on.

Camping Memling is in a quiet residential street, with a forest/park adjacent to it where you could walk your pooch. The check-in is self-service and very easy to navigate, where it gives you your pitch number and a very detailed site and city map. It is around 25€ a night including electric at 6amps which we felt was reasonable, considering the proximity to a major city and the quality of the facilities.

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We parked up and headed off into Bruges on foot to do a recce. It takes about 40 minutes to walk in across the Kruispoort city gate, and you do have to watch out for cyclists! Brugge has four remaining city gates dating back to the 15th Century and the Kruispoort is the best preserved one. Our first views of this city were beautiful with the windmills, canal and sunshine – we fell in love with the place straight away.

IMG_20181211_140730 P1060041P1060056 P1060054

We followed the signs to the centre and walked along the cobbled streets to the large market in the centre, where a small Christmas Market is underway. Gluhwein was on sale so it would have been rude not to imbibe, but…it still does not taste the same as it does in Germany!

As it was getting dark, we headed back home calling into Aldi on the way back. There is also a Lidl next door, with both being about a five minute walk from the campsite – perfect!

Over the next couple of days we cycled in which took about 15 minutes, but goodness the cobbled streets make it a bit of a bone shaker! There are so many little streets you can amble down, then you come across the canal and its bridges which are a delight.

There are so many places to lock your bicycles, so once we’d found a spot we continued to walk around the surrounding streets just taking everything in. The city has a really safe feeling about it and we both really enjoyed just mooching about. We did however indulge in a waffle and hot chocolate (20€ in total) at The Old Chocolate House. The cafe is upstairs and is a very old fashioned, quaint place and was full of Brits but don’t let that put you off!

Our new bicycles have been well and truly christened, but it is so nice to finally have a bicycles that fits me (Angela) It is a larger frame (men’s) so much more comfortable, but now we’re on the look out for a funky bicycle seat cover and bell – maybe in Amsterdam…?

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