19th November 2013 Bike Ride GR 92

Last night we tried to Skype friends but the internet was down so decided to have an early night with a film. We are starting the Lord of The Rings Trilogy again as we both love them and have watched them many times.

Before we went to bed we were treated to a beautiful sunset and the picture below is taken from the rear roof light of our van.


During the night is was very windy and when we awoke it was still very windy but the sun was shining which was nice.

I was hoping for the wind to die down as Geoff and I had agreed to go out for a bike ride. Not your usual bike ride but real mountain biking, something Geoff does well and something I have never really tried! Not on the terrain we covered today anyway. I would like to point out that I have not ridden a bike properly for over a year as last season working at Tregurrian the bike never came out once as we pitched on foot all of the time!

We set off just after 10am as planned and Angela was going off swimming for the first time at the indoor pool onsite as we have paid for 30 swimming sessions for 50 Euros (1.60 per swim) bargain!

We had a route planned that we saw the other day while out but it was not quite what we thought it would be.

We headed out from the campsite and over the mountain opposite thinking that once over the ridge we would be overlooking Calblanque beach………..how wrong were we?

The track up this section was not too steep but covered in loose gravel with the odd boulder so we were able to get quite a way up before dismounting. Geoff was in the lead and as I followed I got a lovely smell of fresh rosemary and thyme that he was crushing as he rode over it. All around this hill was covered in the stuff it was lovely.

Once we got to the top of this section we could see marker posts dotted all around (that’s what we thought they were anyway!) and as we looked to our left we could see down to Cabo de Palos but this way would have been too short a ride so off we went to the right still climbing. The wind at this point was really strong.

After a while we got to a high point and could see the path we used a couple of days ago that leads to the beach at Calblanque. It is again very gravely, has a few twists and turns and is downhill. I went faster down today and got to 30 mph which was (for me anyway) a bit scary. Geoff had a moment when his front wheel almost went away from him on the gravel. It was at this point that we were now on route GR 92.

We passed the beach that we stopped at two days ago and looked for a path up through the mountain and it was then that we decided to see if we could get all the way round the path to Cabo de Palos.

Some of it was not too steep but bumpy which made it tricky, especially if you were not in the right gear. Any of you that ride on this sort of terrain will know what I mean. My gears do not change very well between certain gears which makes it more frustrating. Needless to say a couple of times I had to jump off and walk until it levelled out and I could begin again. This was the same for going down hill also.

At one stage downhill I saw Geoff disappearing off into the distance so tried to catch up only to hit some bumpy bits and had to slow down. You have to be looking ahead all of the time for the best route as well as where you are there and then. More practice needed!

A bit further on and I got brave and took the lead for a while and the inevitable happened as we were travelling at speed downhill. I looked ahead, saw a flattish bit that had like a ski jump coming up and thought it would be good to take to the air. Unfortunately when I landed (poorly) my front wheel hit first threw me off direction and I hit a great big clump of grass which sent me right over the handle bars banging my left knee and elbow. Geoff saw the whole thing, asked how I was then said that’s happened to me many times you get used to it! I do not want to.

It was at this point that we came to a roped section of the walk where it was right near to the edge of the cliff and gravely. The rope was for a hand hold to guide you while walking but we were on our bikes and the path was not wide enough for man and bike so we had to carry them on our shoulders to get past. Well that fact that I have written this means that we made it but it was a little bit scary.

We were almost in Cabo de Palos then and on the road which would have been good if it was not for the wind!

We parked up in the harbour and I treated Geoff to a coffee at a nice little cafe called Busquets. He would have carried on but I needed a break and this was my excuse.

I took Geoff to see the lighthouse which is at the end of Cabo de Palos and the supermarket that we use before returning to the campsite via the Mar Menor.

The wind on this last section was right in our face and after the ride I had just done almost made me get off and walk but the end was in sight. As was the thought of a bacon sandwich.

When we got to Geoff’s van my odometer read just under 14 miles which tallied up with Geoff’s Sat Nav and boy did it feel like it.

I hope Geoff does not want to go out again too soon!

All in all apart from my little accident I really enjoyed it and after my shower the bruising is all coming out and I am beginning to ache so it is now 21:46pm and I am off to bed……………….good night Smile

Worst bit over!  Calblanque Beach

P1000793  Rope Section! (2)

Rope section!      Cabo de Palos

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