15th March 2013 Keswick CCC

Although we’d said we wouldn’t visit anywhere we’ve been to before, somehow we’ve ended up at the Keswick CCC site.  It is in a lovely area and as the weather has changed we’re staying around to see what the forecast holds for next week. That will decide whether we venture into Scotland or head for the east coast.

Also, we’ve read quite a few negative reviews about the site (relating to 2012) and wanted to see what had changed.  Well, just because something is old doesn’t mean it isn’t fit for purpose – don’t you agree?!

Yes, the facilities are dated but the staff have kept them immaculate (apart from the showers but at the base they are tiled and with the best will in the world, you’re not going to be able to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, so to speak) and it is so much harder to keep old blocks clean.  We can’t comment on people’s views of the staff last year but the new managers, Carol and Keith are a real friendly pair and are working hard to get the site running smoothly.

Sixty new hard standings have been installed with a new motorhome service point as well.  The entrance has been changed too as a new drive has been laid and a barrier system installed.  Now as you drive in, new arrivals pull to the left and those already on site can gain access from the right hand lane, using the barrier key code.  No longer do you exit here – you have to leave by the field next to the rugby pitch.

It is still a lovely site in a beautiful location, and with Booths supermarket within walking distance you’ve got everything you need! 

Our journey here was eventful too.  The roads around the Lakes are some of the narrowest and windy in the country so Dean was driving really carefully and we’d already had to reverse so an intelligent coach driver could get past in Coniston – no problem, everyone being sensible even the BMW driver behind us had a brain and acted accordingly.

Sadly, there was another coach driver who let the side down.  We were coming past Rydal Water when we met a coach coming the other way.  Instead of waiting for us to reverse into a space so he could pass, the ~@$% kept coming so Dean couldn’t move forward to straighten up.  The coach driver was panicking, just trying to get past so Dean had to have a word to explain a few things!

Luckily, a lovely Travis Perkins guy was behind us and was used to numpty coach drivers along this road, so he acted as our banksman – then the eejit coach driver tried to run me over as I was in the middle of the road so he couldn’t keep coming forward.  What a donkey, and he was in charge of school children!

Most of the professional (and I use that term loosely in this context) drivers we meet are exactly that, professional and courteous but this twit really let the side down. 

As we were early we stopped off for a cuppa next to Thirlmere reservoir in a layby where a lot of walkers begin their ascent to Hellvellyn. The views are lovely.

P1270294  P1270292  P1270297

Despite this interlude, we’re now having a lovely time here.  It is really busy on site, but quiet and tranquil so we can just chill out and relax.  Our only decision to make over the weekend is where to go next!

We are on a pitch with lovely views over Derwent Water and to the right of us we look out to Cat Bells and Maiden Moor.

P1270303  P1270304

We’ve been shopping and bought a pair of walking boots for me (Angela) and Dean has some new ‘Fivefinger’ barefoot walking shoes.  For those of you who are members of the CCC and like walking, did you know that you get 15% discount at Cotswold Outdoor shops on presentation of your card?  You get 10% with National Trust as well.  We saved over £40 – result!  Shame about the £200 we had to spend…

For those of you who have dogs, there is a pub called The Dog and Gun in Keswick that is very dog friendly.  All dogs are welcome and they even sell doggie treats, in a poo bag (new) for use later on!  They serve really lovely wholesome food, with Hungarian Goulash as their signature dish.  You get a massive plate of food for either £6.95 or £9.75 and they also offer free WiFi.

About Dean

Angela and I decided that there was more to life than working hard to keep up the payments on the mortgage, to pay the gas, electric, phone bills etc. etc. SO............ In 2008 we sold our house, I initially took a year off (Unpaid) and Angela handed in her notice! We bought a motorhome and set off for a year of travelling! This was the best thing we had done in our lives (Apart from getting married) and we have no regrets. During the year I managed to secure a redundancy package which felt very strange. Almost sad as I had worked for the same company for 19 years (BT). It was always our plan to have a whole year off before thinking about the 'W' word. We began applying to the Camping and Caravanning Club (CCC) for the position of Holiday site assistants in August 2009. After the interview, work experience and induction we were finally given a contract at the CCC site in Inverewe (Scotland). Our plan is to work through the summer in the UK then head to Europe to overwinter before coming back to work the following summer season. Hopefully these few words and our blog will inspire others to get off the hamsters wheel and see that there is more to live than having a house and material things. A cliche I know but this is not a rehearsal, life is too short!!! Since our first contract in Scotland we have worked a winter contract in Oxford (never again!) not Oxford but a winter contract. Hereford for two years, living in a yurt for one! And Cornwall. In between our working we have also travelled a bit. Hopefully this website will give you an insight into our alternative lifestyle. Get out there and live the dream!
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