15th November 2011 La Manga

Well, we’ve finally made it here in one piece and we’re still enjoying it!  It’s taken us a couple of days to get everything unpacked and sorted, but we think we’re finally there and even have internet access from our pitch – wonders will never cease…

Today the temperature is 34 degrees C and we’re just about to go and sit outside to read our books with a glass of beer and/or gin and tonic to massage our brains, followed by a barbecue this evening. We’ve met up with our friends Dick & Joan who live here, and they kindly took us out on a sight-seeing drive yesterday ending at the supermarket so we could stock up on a few things.  It really helped as we now have a few plans of where to visit and we understand the area a bit better now.

The rally stewards are very friendly without being intrusive, and we’ve booked our coach tickets for a day out in Benidorm at the end of November, primarily for a Christmas Bazaar. Fish and Chip night is Wednesday but before that we’re off on a guided walk for about seven miles which will be more than enough in this heat!  The site is very big and it is completely different to anything in the UK, but it defeats the object if it was as green and lush as Hereford.

We think we’re going to enjoy it here, there is a nice friendly feel to the place.  A perfect spot to relax and recharge the batteries for next year!

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Angela and I decided that there was more to life than working hard to keep up the payments on the mortgage, to pay the gas, electric, phone bills etc. etc. SO............ In 2008 we sold our house, I initially took a year off (Unpaid) and Angela handed in her notice! We bought a motorhome and set off for a year of travelling! This was the best thing we had done in our lives (Apart from getting married) and we have no regrets. During the year I managed to secure a redundancy package which felt very strange. Almost sad as I had worked for the same company for 19 years (BT). It was always our plan to have a whole year off before thinking about the 'W' word. We began applying to the Camping and Caravanning Club (CCC) for the position of Holiday site assistants in August 2009. After the interview, work experience and induction we were finally given a contract at the CCC site in Inverewe (Scotland). Our plan is to work through the summer in the UK then head to Europe to overwinter before coming back to work the following summer season. Hopefully these few words and our blog will inspire others to get off the hamsters wheel and see that there is more to live than having a house and material things. A cliche I know but this is not a rehearsal, life is too short!!! Since our first contract in Scotland we have worked a winter contract in Oxford (never again!) not Oxford but a winter contract. Hereford for two years, living in a yurt for one! And Cornwall. In between our working we have also travelled a bit. Hopefully this website will give you an insight into our alternative lifestyle. Get out there and live the dream!
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5 Responses to 15th November 2011 La Manga

  1. Looks like a great spot, glad to hear you’re settling in well.

  2. Tim says:

    Interesting last few blogs. Nice pics of the palace in Granada, brings back memories.
    Only 35 degrees C, it’s at least 10 degrees here. Glad you both enjoying Spain. See you.

  3. Dean says:

    Hi Kathryn, Yes we’re enjoying it here but not enough greenery for our tastes. Will enjoy the time here but will probably explore France again on our next big block of time off. How are you and Bryan? I read your messages on FB whenever I go on there (not very often!) and you seem to have a wonderful life 🙂

  4. Jak says:

    Hi, Just picked up on your very impressive blog. Interested in the route you followed to get to La Manga where I hope to visit this February. May I ask how you are finding the site, La Manga and the weather. Is the coast really as built up as it appears. I have searched for a site in that region and La Manga seems to be the best option but it looks rather urban for our taste – we are spoilt with the west Wales coastline being so near. There appears to be a neat site some 50km to south of you in a fabulous rural coastal setting but it is naturist only.
    You wouldn’t happen to have noticed if there are many people windsurfing down there it looks to be an ideal spot. Take care and enjoy yourselves.

  5. Dean says:

    Hello! First, thanks very much for your comments. The site itself is fine, the facilities are old but fit for purpose and immaculately clean. The staff are extremely helpful and the bar/restaurant is well patronised! The weather has improved greatly – the rains have now gone and the average temeperature is around 24-24C every day now.
    Yes, the coast is heavily built upon, but around here tourism hasn’t got it’s ugly grip on it yet (unless you count ‘The Strip’) which IS ugly. If you see the more recent posts you are within fifteen minutes from a nature reserve with lovely beaches, but it is still barren.
    We don’t know of other campsites nearby, other than a few people have been to visit some and still find this site the best. We are on the rally and to be honest it is not really for us. Everyone is very pleasant, but as many of them come every year, everyone knows everybody! We prefer to be amongst different nationalities as well, to broaden our horizons as it were but if you want advice of assistance you can’t ask for freindlier people than those on the rally.
    Finally, if you wind/kite surf you’ll love this site. Down by the beach bar, you can go into the Mar Menor where many people windsurf and it is not very deep at all. Hope this helps – what is your mode of transport as it does make a difference if you’re a motorhome as opposed to a caravan

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